5th Asian Congress of Robotic and Laparoscopic Surgery
14 – 16 November 2019
Mandarin Orchard Singapore

About Robotic Surgery Society of Singapore


RS3 consists of individual members with a professional interest in the study of robotic techniques: clinicians, scientists or nurses. RS3 strives for a wide representation of the scientific and medical communities in Singapore whilst engaging with similar societies and professional bodies worldwide.


The Society is a non-profit organization for the study and advancement of the use of Robotic Surgery across various surgical disciplines with the following objectives:

  1. Organization.  The Society provides a platform for surgeons from different institutions and practice settings to collaborate in pushing forward the agenda of robotic surgical care in Singapore.
  1. Advocacy.  The Society is a forum for surgeons delivering robotic surgical care in Singapore to have a collective voice in advocating patients’ access to robotic surgical technology and better outcomes for patients by raising the bar in surgical healthcare in Singapore through the use of technology, specifically robotic surgical technology.
  1. Research and Investigation.   The Society will be in an open platform that will cut across institutional, cluster and public-private divides.  Members are encouraged to use information belonging to the Society in open investigation, research and study with the objective of improving the lives of the patients we care for through robotic surgical care.
  1. Standards.  The Society will be a platform to constantly review and establish norms of practice and standards of care which are consistent with a proficient delivery of robotic surgical care.  These norms and standards published by the Society will serve as a guide by which credentialing requirements may be drawn up by the relevant regulatory bodies.  The Society remains a body with domain expertise in Robotic Surgery and does not have a regulatory function.
  1. Training.  The Society is committed to training and education in Robotic Surgery through which it hopes to improve the outcomes of patients receiving surgical care in Singapore. 
  1. Interdisciplinary exchange.  The Society will also build a culture that facilitates the open exchange of ideas between surgical disciplines delivering robotic surgical care in Singapore.